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Leafy planted in soil and growing a new leaf 

Leafy sends up a new leaf. It's a sign of improved health for a bulb finally planted in soil after having flowered every year on water alone since 2015. After this year's flower, Leafy, my pet 'Double King' amaryllis bulb, again grew only one leaf.

This being the second year that happened, I decided last month that it was time to return the bulb to soil. Since 2014, Leafy has been grown indoors in a water-filled vase. The bulb has flowered every year since then in March or April. After an unfortunate attempt to nourish it by putting a little fertilizer in the vase water last year, the distressed bulb needed to grow new roots, and it has only been able to produce a single leaf after flowering. Even without the fertilizer faux pas, the bulb was regrowing its roots this year as well.  

So, in an effort to end the distress, on June 14 I pulled out a recycled nursery pot that was just a little deeper than the bulb. I grabbed some recycled potting soil that I had saved from last year (it had grown Burpee's potted organic herbs).

I held Leafy over the pot, just slightly above the bottom, and poured the soil in around the bulb and its roots, leaving the top exposed.

I watered and placed Leafy back in its usual place on a small table by the sliding glass door. I touched the leaf every few days and watched for wilting. It did not wilt, but the tip turned yellow. I continued to check on the leaf, but not as often as I had initially. 

This morning, Leafy rewarded my efforts to improve its health: there is a single new leaf growing up from the bulb's top. I did not add any fertilizer because of the fertilizer trouble when Leafy lived on water. Since a second leaf has emerged, I might now look into gentle fertilizers meant for amaryllis bulbs. I am going to keep the bulb in soil all year to see if it will flower again from the soil.

Since I do believe that plants respond to our feelings and, maybe words, I praised Leafy and gave it a nice stroke for growing strong enough to produce another leaf. It is my beloved pet bulb, after all!



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