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Forcing amaryllis and muscari bulbs: An At Home Journal (Weeks 5-6)

Muscari bulbs, left, grow in a novelty cocktail glass beside a large amaryllis bulb whose roots are being watered in a vase.Jan. 4:

Notice a white, fuzzy growth around some of the older roots on the water-only (no marbles or pebbles) amaryllis bulb while changing the water. Note that there seems to be a good growth of thick, greenish-white new roots (shown in detail below). Take the risk of plucking off the old roots that seem to be rotting, moldy or otherwise compromised.


Wipe off a small amount of white, mold-like growth on the bulb's bottom that has developed despite it never having touched the water in its vase. Position the bulb in the vase in an effort to allow more air flow around it.



Jan. 5:


Check the water-only bulb and feel rewarded by the sight of a green stem top emerging.



Jan. 8:


Water-only amaryllis bulb has two barely visible stems. Still no sign of flowers on either assembly of muscari bulbs.



Dark older roots and new green roots on an amaryllis bulb

Jan. 13:


Notice a plump tip on one of the now thickly stemmed muscari plants and hope it might be the start of a flower.


All three amaryllis bulbs are now showing stem tips at various stages of growth. Their gradual growth is slow, likely because the temperature in both places where they are growing is often less than the 60 to 70 degrees that Hans Langeveld of Longfield Gardens advised. As he noted, the bulbs are growing more slowly with the cooler temperature.


Rather than continue the weekly journal updates on gradual growth and water changes, I'll hold off on regular updates until there is an exciting development to report.






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