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Tasting party: Condiment servers double as a cute place for cheese 

Aged Wisconsin cheddar, BelGiosio pepato and Great Midwest habanero jack to pair with pale ale. Courtesy of Wisconsin Milk Marketing BoardCheese usually tastes best at room temperature, so presenting it on a cheese plate or board is a good option when cheese is the main food event, such as at wine and cheese tasting party.

It's a good idea to keep a little chill under the cheese, however, when it won't be the center of attention, such as at a Super Bowl Party where it will be among many delicious options snacked on over an extended period.  

This image from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board shows an attractive presentation of that idea. Here, cubes of aged Wisconsin cheddar, BelGiosio pepato and Great Midwest habanero jack are stored in a chilled container. Check out for more cheese information and recipes.

Finding the container that's holding the cheese took some web searching. We started with "cheese server," which brought up lots of dome-covered cheese boards, and got warmer with images of "divided buffet servers." We finally learned that the cheese shown is in a repurposed "condiment server." Using those terms to search, we found several styles, ranging from black plastic to transparent acrylic to stainless steel. Most had room for ice beneath rows removable trays, ranging in size from one pint to one quart capacity per tray. 

Here are three options:



 The Tropix Acrylic Chiller from Amazon would beautifully showcase cheese as well as vegetables. Prices change often at Amazon, but when we checked, it was about $18. Search "condiment server" to see other available sizes and styles. Click the photo for details.








This stainless steel condiment dispenser is designed for bar use and would ordinarily be filled with olives, lemon wedges, cherries and other garnishes for drinks. It could be filled with cubes of cheese instead. The  pint-size inserts lift out, making room for ice beneath. The lid is transparent. The Bar Condiment Compartment sells for $9.02 at Other sizes available, also with stainless steel compartments. Click the photo for details. 








This condiment server from the commercial cookware supplier Johnson-Rose is the closest to the server used in the inspiration image. It has four 1-1/2 pint trays and a transparent lid. Unless you need them by the case, check out where they sell for $29.45 each. Click the photo for details.


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