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Inspirational quotes preserved with decoupage on a crafty table

Inspirational quotes on paper can be cut out to make a design that will remind you of your dreams and give you a nudge to keep at the work required to make them real.


The following project instructions are suitable for adding cut out inspirational quotes to wood, cardboard and other surfaces. 


SUPPLIES: Item to be decorated, paint (and primer, if working on an unfinished item), cut-out inspirational quotes, paintbrush, decoupage medium (such as ModPodge).


1. PREP AND PAINT: If your chosen surface is unfinished wood, apply a coat of primer to help the paint stay put. If you want to change the color of an older item, it might need to be stripped and sanded down before being repainted. Sometimes, though, you can get away with simply applying a coat of primer to cover up the old paint so it does not affect your new color. When your surface has been prepared, paint on one or two coats in the chosen color, letting the paint dry fully between coats.


2. DESIGN AND DECOUPAGE: When the surface has dried, lay out quotes in a pleasing design. To glue them on, work in sections on larger surfaces. Follow manufacturer's instructions to determine if you should apply decoupage medium to the surface itself or to each inspirational quote. Using the medium as an adhesive, glue each inspirational quote on the surface carefully to avoid trapping air bubbles. Repeat with another section until the surface and all visible sides have been covered.


3. SEAL OR SHELLAC: Once the design is set, apply several coats of decoupage medium to seal and create a smooth, protective finish. ModPodge decoupage medium works as an adhesive and sealer in several formulations for glossy, matte, glittered, pearlized and other finishes. For tables and desks that will be used as work surfaces, a final coat of shellac or polyurethane can be used for a thick and sturdy final layer.

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