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Holiday decorating: Pomegranate door swag of fruit and feathers 


Pomegranates make a gorgeous holiday swag in this project from  POM Wonderful, the company behind farms that supply fresh pomegranates, pomegranate juice and jars of ready-to-eat arils, the juicy seeds nestled inside the pomegranate's thick husk.

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Art dealer shares expertise on painted portraits  

Find a painter for your portrait

When so many important moments in our lives are captured by smartphones and shared only online, a painted portrait can be an enduring gift.

“A portrait painting is much more than a fleeting moment shot in a second by a ma chine,” says local art dealer Evelyne Pinkus. “It is a tribute, a great expression of love. It captures the inner essence of the subject.”

But finding the right artist can be challenging. As with other professionals, it is important to find an artist whose work and personality meshes with our own desires.

Pinkus has access to an extensive roster of artists, and so we talked with her about the best way to begin.

Q. How does one choose between a painted or photographic portrait?

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Restoring old windows: Save the charm but lose the chill

An Indow Window is a custom snap-in interior storm window.Old wooden windows often have lots of cracks and gaps that let cold air rush into a home while heated air escapes.

That means they usually aren’t very energy efficient. But old windows can be important design elements, particularly in historic homes. And there are ways to restore wooden windows while making them more energy efficient, experts say.

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Moms' on-time tips for avoiding the morning school rush 

Here are the entries we're received so far from At Home readers hoping to win the Organizables brand weekday hanging bags for organizing a week's worth of school clothes and accessories. There's still time to enter the contest to win the pink set, so for a chance to win, e-mail win(at) by Oct. 26 and share your strategies for getting the kids to school on time. Also, check back for more tips, or just post your own in the comments area. You'll still need to e-mail to enter the contest, however.



My second-grader is naturally very competitive, so I make getting ready each morning a game.

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New Jersey quilters: Contribute to a Peace Quilt at Fabricland 

A team works on the 2012 Peace Quilt at Fabricland in North Plainfield. Quilters are invited to celebrate International Peace Day at Fabricland in North Plainfield by contributing their skills and energy to a Peace Quilt at any time during the store's operating hours on Friday, Sept. 21.

International Peace Day was established on Sept. 21, 2001 as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence. To observe this day, the fabric store and home design center will provide quilting tools and materials at its Sewing School, allowing members of New Jersey's quilting community to come together to produce quilts that will be donated to area charitable organizations.

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