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Ask Dr. Barb: Daughter's misdeed becomes family's burden

Dr. Barbara RosenbergDear Dr. Barb: My daughter missed out on a very high- profile opportunity because she did some- thing dishonest. Beyond losing the gig, our family has taken a hit with her because her mistake was public in our community. The situation is simply heartbreaking on so many levels. I have been wondering where we went wrong bringing her up. I suspect she has a problem with impulsive behavior. I’m not sure how to ask a question here, but I hope you can shed some light on a troubling situation.

Dear Parent:

Mistakes are unavoidable. Only in a fantasy world with perfect children and perfect parents are mistakes not made. When raising children, if parents had complete awareness of their children’s needs, they would know better and would make different choices.

Forgive yourself for mistakes you might have made that brought your daughter to her present situation. You did the best you could.

However, wondering about what might have gone wrong may offer some insight as to why she acted the way she did.

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Outdoor wedding ideas: DIY Chandelier made from hanging planter basket  

A hanging wire basket made for plants is beaded and transformed into an outdoor chandelier in this project from Jo-Ann fabric and crafts.An ordinary hanging planter becomes a gorgeous DIY chandelier with instructions from Jo-Ann fabrics and crafts. Beads are strung on lengths of wire to surround the basket and its hanging wires for an outdoor accessory that can add a little more sparkle using battery-operated candles, so no electric power is required.


While the idea is perfect for outdoor weddings, it is also a fun way to beautify any outdoor "room" for a warm-weather celebration or just to create a romantic setting with the benefit of several flameless candles with battery-powered light.   


All materials are available online, but head to the store at 1272 Route 27 in Colonia to see more options and get any project questions answered in advance.  

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