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Make a decorative cornice in less than an hour for windows or a bed

Learn to make super easy cornices in demonstrations tomorrow at Fabricland. About 10 years ago, I built my own frames for window cornices covered in an orange floral print to complement my daughter's dream bedroom with accents in the color of tangerines.  

It was a project that required a trip to the local home improvement store to buy a huge section of plywood, having them cut the board into lengths that were about 30 inches long, and then coming up with a concept in the days before you could learn to do anything on YouTube.

I measured the window frames and then used the hand saw from my miter box to roughly hack the long wooden strips into lengths required to form the front and sides of cornice boxes for two windows. I realized there was no glue strong enough to hold the wood in shape, so it was back to the store for the L-brackets that ultimately helped build the cornice boards. I then wrapped the assembly with cotton batting for edge-softening thickness, covered that with her chosen fabric and used my staple gun to attach the fabric and hold everything in place.  Two days later: Success!

There was an easier way.

Dana Barone says she can make a fancier cornice than those I made in about as much time as it takes to make toast. And she proves it on video.

Her no-sew Deco-Wrap cornice kit has two lightweight 40-inch foam forms into which fabric is simply tucked in at various places. No sawing, no L-brackets, no staple gun.

The finished Deco-Wrap cornice, which uses about a yard of fabric, can then be embellished with contrasting fabric, cord, fringe or other options. Tuck fabric panels into the cornice back for faux draperies that beautifully accent a window already covered with blinds or a shade. The foam forms can be cut or glued together to accommodate various window sizes. The finished cornice is held in place by hardware that screws in easily above the window frame (I used more L-brackets to attach my heavy cornices securely to the top of the window frames).

Beyond the window treatments, the kits can be used if you've ever dreamed of having a corona-style canopy above your bed. This cornice can help create a do-it-yourself spin on that regal dream (and no worries if the thing happens to fall on your head!).  

Each Deco-Wrap kit comes with four mounting screws. Kits, which do not include fabric, sell for $31.99 at Fabricland,855 Route 22 West in North Plainfield. Call (908) 755-4700 for more information. 


Reader Comments (1)

I love to built my own stuff. I am the same like you. These window cornices are perfect present for my children. I will follow your advices and will try to build them. I hope it is not so hard to be done. Best regards!

August 7, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterMaria Wolfe

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